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Today My Mother Came Home



7 thoughts on “Today My Mother Came Home”

  1. It is the most heartwarming story I have ever read in a long long time. I am a great fan of Devdutt’s writing and this is so alluring. Really awesome initiative to present this story in such a beautiful way through the simple yet such meaningful illustrations.
    Kudos for this piece of heart.

  2. My mother died 6 weeks back. She never came to my home. So I stopped going to her home. I wish I had gone. So much unresolved conflict which does not mean anything now. All that remains is that I love her but still I stopped giving. That’s the worst feeling in the world and I will have to live with it forever.

  3. My mother had a mixed marriage. During the 1947 Independence, my Dad ‘disappeared’. Mom brought up 5 children single handed, I regret never adequately appreciating her struggles. Still, i know that, out there in The Great Beyond, she’s praying for me and blessing me.

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