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The AOI Guide to Having Oral Sex

Illustrated by Aru Bose

Oral sex may sound like two mouths having sex, (but that’s that other fun activity called kissing). Oral sex is pleasuring your partner by using your mouth, especially the tongue and lips, to lick, kiss and suck your partner’s genitals.

Are you wondering how to do it but aren’t sure whom to ask? Never fear, we’re right here!

Oral sex fundas for everybody

Here are some basics for everybody to keep in mind.

Use protection:  STDs can be transmitted through oral sex too, so use dental dams for oral sex when vaginas are involved, or condoms for oral sex when penises are involved. (Dental dams are similar thin, square pieces of rubber that are placed between the mouth and the vagina. If you don’t have one, you can make them yourself, quickly and easily.)

Respect your partner’s preference: If someone isn’t into the idea of oral sex – getting or giving – don’t pressure them.

Stay clean and hygienic down there: This is a big part of what keeps oral sex safe for all participants. It’s also more comfortable and respectful. Need help in this department? We’ve got you covered.



Oral sex fundas for vaginas

Here are four common positions that work well:

  1. Standing with a leg propped up on a waist-high table, chair or any firm surface at the right height (don’t pick a rickety washbasin).
  2. Sitting or lying down with your legs spread. This gives the giver easy access, and is a comfortable position for the person who’s receiving.
  3. “Sitting” on your partner’s face, or positioning yourself on your knees above their face while they lie down. This again gives your partner really easy access (and a great view), and gives you a bit of control over the proceedings, as you can raise or lower yourself depending on what feels good, or just leap right off if you’d like to stop immediately.
  4. The eternal champion, 69-ing. This infamous position is where you and your partner give each other simultaneous oral sex. You and your partner lie side by side, with one person’s head positioned at the others genitals. Alternatively, you can have your partner lying down, while you position yourself above them on your knees in a way that your genitals are right above their mouth, and your mouth at their genitals. Confused? Just try to follow what the number looks like: 69.

Your partner has a vagina, and you’re down there. Now what?

Learn the landscape. It’s important to know what you’re working with. (Want to learn more about female genitalia? Take our Genital Knowledge Quiz!) And some like to explore down there first with their fingers, to figure out what works for their partner, before diving in.

Be gentle! It’s a really sensitive area, so tread with caution. If you have rough stubble on your face, remember it can end up being very scratchy and prickly – and even painful – for your partner if you aren’t careful.

Keep things slippery. If things aren’t nice and wet by the time you get down there, use lubricant (or “lube”, which you can buy at a medical store). Especially if you’ll be using your fingers too.


Feel free to multitask. It’s called oral sex, but it doesn’t mean that you are only allowed to use your lips and tongue. You can use other things too – fingers, cheeks, toys, your nose – anything that adds to your partner’s pleasure!

Find the clitoris. The clitoris is sensitive and protected by a little hood of skin. A basic oral sex technique is to use the thumb of one hand to gently push back the hood to reveal the clitoris, press down to hold the hood back in place with your thumb, and then use gentle strokes of the tongue on and around it.

Spread the love. Just because the clitoris is a known sensitive spot, it doesn’t mean you need to focus all your energies there. In fact, it can even get uncomfortable or painful if you keep stimulating it without a break. Try different strokes and pressures, and pay attention to all the parts of the vulva.


Focus on their reactions. Do they moan more when you hit one spot? Writhe when you use a certain amount of pressure? Good, keep at it.

Draw it out: “Edging” is a technique where you bring someone right to the point of orgasm, pause for a few seconds, and the continue. It’s a bit of a tease, like building up suspense, but for some people, it makes the orgasm much stronger and more pleasurable.

G maane genius. The G-spot is a controversial spot located deep inside the vagina that some people say doesn’t exist, some say causes immediate orgasm, and others say provides some pleasurable sensations. In any case, if you’re eager to embark on the quest to find it, gently insert a finger, palm side up and crooking it upwards towards the upper wall of the vagina, and aim for a kind of gentle aaja-aaja motion with your finger.


Oral sex fundas for penises

Some people prefer laying the groundwork for oral sex before getting to it, through lots of kissing and foreplay, while others use oral sex as a kind of foreplay itself.

Here are some popular positions:

  1. Lying across a bed with your head hanging off the edge, and your partner standing next to the bed. Some say it feels good and allows you to deep-throat (or take the penis deep into your mouth) with ease. Also, turning your head 90 degrees and twisting your body around just a little bit gives you a whole new position.
  2. Lying back on a bed while your partner goes down on you sitting on their haunches, because it’s comfortable and easy.
  3. Sitting on the edge of a bed (or chair) and having your partner on the floor on their knees.
  4. The old favourite, 69, where your mouth is at your partner’s genitals, and your genitals at your partner’s mouth.

Ready? Then it’s time for action!

Approach with caution: Try different things out slowly and gauge your partner’s reaction to see if they like it, love it or wants you to just ‘stop ok please’.

No teeth! Always remember to keep your teeth to yourself. Unless someone asks for it, make sure you never touch the penis with your teeth.

Focus on the head: The tip of the penis is particularly sensitive, so give it some attention: spend time licking it, sucking with gentle pressure, and cupping or pursing your lips just where the head meets the shaft. Think of it as a lollipop that you can lick and suck (but don’t get too hungry and chomp down).

Try the shaft: The shaft, or the length of the penis after the head, is a good place to use your hands and mouth. You could try gently cupping your palms around the shaft and moving your hands up and down (start slow and gradually increase speed, but do keep checking in with your partner about whether it works for them or if its too much). You can also use your tongue to lick and tickle the shaft.

Find the frenulum: It’s a band of elastic tissue on the underside of the penis that helps the foreskin contract over the head. It’s extremely sensitive, and gentle stimulation can lead to speedy orgasm.

Tickle those testicles! The testicles are an oft-ignored region, but can bring lots of pleasure if stimulated correctly. You can lick and suck the testicles gently, and try taking them into your mouth one by one, or even both together. Cup them in your hands and apply a little bit of gentle pressure, and you can even use your tongue to tickle when you have them in your mouth.


Oral Sex Fundas For Anuses


What is ‘Rimming’ It’s also called anilingus or just a rim job, and it’s when a person stimulates the anus using their tongue, either kissing or licking, or moving it around the edge of the anus. 

Because it puts focus on pleasure of the anus, many have a misconception that it’s a ‘gay’ sex act. But like most sex acts, it is a pleasurable one which is for everyone and anyone who consents and likes receiving it or performing it.  

Position prep

-The rimmie or the receiver can lie on their back and hold by the chest their folded knees, and the rimmer, that is, the partner performing the rim job can lie on their stomach for most comfortable access to their partner’s rim. 

-Another position that works well is for the rimmie to get on all four limbs and the rimmer to be on their knees- this allows for some fun with the bum. Or the rimmie can lie on their stomach with a pillow propping their hips, so there is no pressure to keep arms supported for a long time. 

-A good standing position would be the rimmie’s standing with legs apart and bent over with hands to the wall for support.  

How deep can one rim? The nerve endings you want to stimulate for pleasure are in the opening of the anus. The inner part of the anal canal is more delicate, so your tongue doesn’t need to go in very deep. Alternate between flattening and shallow-pointing tongue for max arousal.

Teeth-o Magar Pyaar Se: If your tongue gets tired, run your teeth very, very gently over your rimmie’s bum or thighs or the outside of their anus. Avoid biting altogether. Remember to always communicate and consent before changing gears in the toothy direction!

Practice safe sex: The anus is the opening through which faeces leaves the body and the rectum is the final portion of the large intestine ending at the anus. Rimming can transmit not only bacteria but also STI’s, so it’s best to use dental dams for anxiety-free sexy time for both you and your partner. 

Cleanliness cues: Many prefer to keep the rim area cleared of hair by waxing or shaving, but since that can cause cuts and bleeding, one has to be extremely cautious. Removing hair is not necessary to keep it hygienic; you can simply wash the outside of your anus and clean it dry with a towel. 

Some people like rimming to relax and loosen up before anal penetration, while some enjoy the act for itself! 


So, it seems oral sex can be as varied and subjective as penetrative sex, and just as enjoyable, if not more. All you need is good technique, and now that we’re here, you probably have it!



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