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Sexy Saturday Songs: Friendship Day Special

This Sunday is Friendship Day so we are celebrating yaari-dosti in all its colours and feels, the sahelis and sahelas, the pakka dost and the chaddi buddy and that many-layered friend-love in our sexy Saturday list.

  1. Masterji Ki Aa Gayi Chitthi: Adda Buddies

    You know that adda you do with friends, that shooting the breeze, that riffing with ease? That’s the jam in which you come up new ideas that will change the world. So here is to the exhilaration of friendship freestyling!

  2. Hum Panchi Mastane: Girls Day Out

    Anita Guha and Durga Khote are on a Girls Day Out and is it fun or is it fun? Sakhis make us feel like we can take over the world. This song sums up that feeling brilliantly!

  3. Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana : Besties

    There are friends and then there are best friends. Ones you can have hair pulling type fights with and then make up over a session of synchronised dancing. This one is about the legendary best friendship of Rahul and Anjali, because you know what they say, you aren't best friends until you have your own five step secret handshake!  Kaun kehta hai ek ladka aur ek ladki friends nahin ho sakte? At least till interval!

  4. Swargathilo Nammal Swapnathilo : Are We In Heaven Or Are We In A Dream

    Two cop buddies are sent to the US to investigate a crime. But why spend one's time on evil pursuits when you're traveling with friends? On the things that you’ll see, the places you’ll go said Shel Siverstein - and when you do it's hard to know if you're in heaven or in a dream. And the kiss at 04:10 keeps it queer, which keeps it real, which is what friendship is all about.

  5. Meri Chunar Ud Ud Jaaye : Imaginary Friends

    Poor young Ayesha Takia has been sent away to live with a mean Aunty, and she misses her good friend Phalguni Pathak. So Ms Takia ends up befriending a sexy painting in her bedroom to deal with her boredom. Imaginary friends are for getting in touch with your innermost desires. We love this song for its joyously sexy queer vibe.

  6. Yeh Dosti: Diamonds Are Forever And So Are Friends

    There can never be a friendship playlist without this song. This is the song that launched a million supercuts and recognised the queer in friendship and the code in the bro-thing.

  7. Yaari Hai Imaan : An Article of Faith

    Friendship requires deep belief. We put our faith in it and place our last bets on it. We follow it not for blood, or law, but for love. Yaari is the bonds we choose.

  8. Main Chali Main Chali: Gang of Sahelis

    Saira Banu and her gang are picnicking on the bicycles, talking about boys and relationships, singing along as they go. Everyone is looking sharp. Who needs Sex and the City when you have Bikes and A Ditty.

  9. Ye Jhuki Jhuki Si Nighahen Teri: Teasing is Pleasing

    What do guys do while hanging out in the evening thinking about them ladies? Well, they lady up and dance it out. Mac Mohan can be seen showing off some serious feminine moves as the boys dance and prance for a fun evening. This song is gloriously sexy because it allows everyone to interpret the combinations and fantasies as they will, from whichever point of queer view they are coming.

  10. Jaanu Jaanu Re: Teasing Is Pleasing 2.0

    Half the fun of crushing is in the blushing when friends tease you. It’s in that teasing and telling, confiding and reliving that we get to savour and relish the sexy feeling for someone else - before and after.

  11. If You Wannabe My Lover: Sisters before Misters

    The Spice girls put it quite clearly, if you want to be my lover, you gotta get with my friends, because lovers come and lovers go, but friendship never ends!

  12. Chal Chal Chal Mere Hathi: Friends with...Trunks

    As far as friends with benefits go, not many can compete with having an elephant as your saathi. Not only are the elephants helping their bro Rajesh Khanna out with his car, but also putting out some moves to entertain his upset girlfriend. Dost ho to aise, across caste, colour, creed, gender, sexuality, religions and species.

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