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Sexy Saturday Songs

  1. Aeri Jane Na Doongi 

    Lata Mangeshkar sings this song for Meena Kumari who plays the title role of a courtesan in Chitrakekha. The first two lines, based on a bandish attributed to Sadarang, composer and singer in the court of Muhammad Shah Rangile are woven by Kidar Sharma into lyrics that are a blend of seduction and romance.

    So the honey trap of shringar opens up in the lines

    अलकों में कुंडल डालो और देह सुगंध रचाओ
    जो देखे मोहित हो जाये ऐसा रूप सजाओ...

    Redolent desire smouldering as the body is decked in jewellery and anointed with fragrance.

    Which must then lead to the inevitable ( she knows the power of the seductive female over any man)

    मधुर मिलन की दुर्लभ बेला यूँ ही बीत न जाये
    ऐसी रैन जो व्यर्थ गवाये, जीवन भर पछताये
    सेज सजाओ मेरे साजन की
    ले आओ कलियाँ गूँद गूँद

    Direct assault. Does it remind you of the lady spider preparing her web to wait? Exactly. When a courtesean welcomes a king to her bower, she hopes he will be snared forever.

  2. Na Jao Saiyan Chhuda Ke Baiyan

    Granted it is a wife seducing her husband. He is satiated, he wants variety, excitement. She wants more. And holds back nothing in expressing her need.

    Ok, there is the good wife, the Sati Savitri element in the concluding lines, tumhare charanon mei aagayi hoon, yahin jeeyoongi, yahin maroongi, but Meena Kumari springs a surprise with her controlled sexiness as she sings Yeh bikari zulfen, Yeh khilta Kajra, Yeh meheki chunari, Yeh man hi madira... which is a complete U- turn from the appeal in jo tum na ho to main kya karoongi... Geeta Dutt's voice with its rich, sensual overtones drips sexiness from the very first line.

    We know the seduction, though powerful, fails on screen. Rehman walks away because the story dictated it. But reports have it that the song inspired a generation  of neglected wives to articulate their needs! Liberation comes from the most unexpected sources!

  3. Hum Aapki Ankhon Mein

    The banter, the flirtatious note underlying this song does not quite hide the sexual magnetism in play. The romantic melody with western shades sets the mood, but the lyrics say much more. No tender, love-sick I love yous here, but the suggestion of it couched in playfulness. Implying too the underlying finishing point of all flirtatious word-play, in hum aap ko kwabon mein la la ke sataiyenge... the bedroom forming the unseen background to the stanza. The equally teasing responses, with the uplifted lilt at the end of each question Geeta throws back, goad the pursuer on, he knows she is not unwilling. Ah the headiness of the chase, and the ensuing conquest! This song suggests it all!

  4. Apne Aap Raaton Mein

    Compare the poetry of this with the open erotic mood of Asha singing Sajna Hai Mujhe Sajna Ke Liye in Saudagar. Of the many sensual songs that Khayyam has set to music, this is possibly the most suggestive, even more so than Jalta Hai Badan in Razia Sultan. Perhaps the visuals give this song its unique status. While Jalta Hai Badan is an item number with extras writing obscenely around the dancer, apne aap raaton mein has the woman wandering around unable to sleep, kept awake by unsatisfied desires. This song makes it here as much for lyrics like

    jane kaun balo me
    ungliya pirota hain
    khelta hai pani se
    tan badan bhigota hain
    jane kiske hatho se
    gagari chhalkti hain
    jane kiske baho se
    bijliya lapakti hain apne aap
    apne aap..

    As for the suggestive images the words create...You can hear the beating heart, the stifled panting. Apne aap.

  5. Tu Chanda Main Chandni

    Balkavi Bairagi and Jaidev give form to this song which cloaks an open invitation to sex in poetry and music. Moving from Tu chanda main chandini, Tu saravar main shaakh, to

    na sarovar, na baavadi, na koi thandi chhanv
    na koyal, na papihara, aisa mera gaon re
    kahan bujhe tan ki tapan
    o saiya siramor
    chandr-kiran to chhod  kar, jaye kaha chakor?
    jaag uthi hai savare
    jaag uthi hai savare, meri kunwaari pyaas re
    angare bhi lagane lage piya
    angare bhi lagane lage, aaj mujhe madhumaas re
    madhumaas re, aaj mujhe madhumaas re.

    Through twists and turns of the tune, the lyrics move to:

    char pahar ki chandani, mere sang bita
    apne hatho se piya mujhe laal chunar udha
    kesariya dharti lage, ambar laalam-laal re
    ang laga kar saahiba kar de mujhe nihal re
    nihal re, kar de mujhe nihal...

    Can anything be more explicit!

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Sathya Saran edited Femina for twelve years during which it was declared a Superbrand. Sathya has a book of short stories titled The Dark Side as well as best selling and critically acclaimed biographies on Guru Dutt and SD Burman. Baat Niklegi toh Phir The Life and Music of Jagjit Singh is her latest published biography from which she will narrate stories along with music and film clips. 



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