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Meena Seshu’s Sexy Saturday Songs

For a song to be sexy, for me, it has to be sung with the intention to seduce, to suggest, to attract, to be tender, to touch a chord and to make me feel a longing to be the singer – singing to my lover. The songs I have picked have that quality of `intention’. This is also the reason why all the songs I have chosen are by women singing to attract a lover. I imagine the performer as the singer so women who do not have the `come hither’ look don’t appeal to me however sexily the song is rendered.

  1. Aaiye Meharbaan

    Madhubala has just to throw her smile and my heart wants to be her. The sexiness in her eyes, in her slow enticing body sway that conveys time, laziness and a promising hotness is enough to make one want her NOW! Aaiye Meharbaan has it all and more.

  2. Man Kyun Behka Re Behka

    This Rekha number conveys so much. I have picked this specifically cause it deals with the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved: Polyamory! For me this is a very sensuous performance when two women are shown getting ready in anticipation of a sexual encounter. Both the actresses are so hot and desirable!

  3. Bugadi Majhi Sandali Sa

    As I started learning Marathi, I was introduced to Lavni. It was not very appealing at first catering so much to the male gaze almost exclusively. But I once attended an all women audience Lavni performance and was absolutely floored by women from Sangli [Maharashtra], whistling, singing and dancing with absolute abandon. They took on the persona of the Lavni dancers and so did I. Bugadi is the ornament fixed at the top of the ear lobe.  It must require much activity there to dislodge it, surely!

  4. Kaanta Laga – DJ Doll Remix

    Kaanta laga, the DJ Doll remix is a fun song performed with gusto! Shefalee does it justice in more ways than one and uff! the bold, unapologetic search for sexual satisfaction as suggested in the video and the open provocation to the lover is hotter than hot!

  5. Jaane Do Na

    Tabu and Amitabh are such fun in this song. It is in this list for the fun quotient of sex between consenting adults! The scene that leads to this song is the surprise, when she asks him as an older man to `prove’ his ability to `do’ it!! Pure fun.

  6. Udi Teri Aankhon Se

    Aishwarya in this song has excelled in the pent up emotions of a woman who longs for more! Also dancing for her lover as much as for herself. A very mature performance of sexual longing and release. The ability to convey her longing with so much abandonment and lashing it all at the end of the song. Wah!

  7. Aa Ante Amalapuram

    I picked this last song just for the beat, the fun of living life and the dancing! Since I am a Telugu by birth, I have had to translate this song to almost all my friends; it is actually about sexual satisfaction. The crazy part of it is that the beat was so popular here in Sangli that the year it was released ALL the Ganpati mandals played it loud and clear, not understanding a word of it much less the appropriateness of it in a Ganesh mandal.

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Meena Saraswathi Seshu works with Sangram a health and human rights NGO located in Sangli, Maharashtra. Sangram works with collectives of populations marginalised because of their sexuality and gender. Populations whose narratives of sex and sexuality are rich with the trivialisation of the phallic power.



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