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Flashbacks Of A Fool: Vishishta Sam’s Sexy Saturday Songs

Don’t we all struggle on that tightrope called courtship? As I turn 30 today, I decided to revisit 6 sexy songs from the last 6 decades that have resonated with my moods at different points of time.

  1. Hindi Zhara (Beautiful Tango) 2010

    A friend introduced me to Ms. Zahara quite recently and I fell in love with this song instantly. It reminds me of that heady feeling when you fall for someone. There is a rhythm to this groove- not too fast, not too slow. It has to be just right depending on your partner. 

  2. The White Stripes (Cold, cold night) 2000’s

    Nothing spells smoldering lust and longing as this song. Oh honey! I suggest that we dive straight into the song.

  3. A R Rahman (Thee Thee) 1990’s

    From my not-so-liberalized wonder years. Heck! We are talking of a time when public uproar prompted a change of that Karishma Kapoor song ‘Sexy, sexy’ to ‘Baby, baby’. Growing up in the 90’s was fun I guess! But this is also a period when I slowly woke up to the magic of Rahman’s music- in Tamil at first. Rangeela (and Urmila Matondkar oozing sexiness AF) was still waiting to happen but I got a taste of fire with Thiruda Thiruda. It may sound like an odd number on this list but my loyalties will always lie firmly with Rahman of 1990’s.

  4. Guns and Roses (Sweet Child of Mine) 1980’s

    Simply because with my birthYAY year came this smashing song too. If love be our drug, then surely sex and rock’n’roll can’t be too far behind. The quintessential combo package of the 80’s. Which begs the question- where do we go now?

  5. Bob Marley (Turn your lights down low) 1970’s

    Bob Marley is sweet intoxication. How can anyone go wrong with that voice crooning in the background? This is still my idea of a perfect date- You and me listening to Marley in our shack on the beach.

    Quick note: If anyone finds an acapella version of ‘Nice Time’ by Marley and the Wailers, then please DM. I will be FOREVER grateful to thee.

  6. Beatles (Something) 1960’s

    In the end there is the beginning. I may have been born in the 80’s but I am definitely a 60’s child when it comes to my music- Beatles, Doors, Hendrix, Joplin, Led Zep…. so I decided to take some help from a friend with whom I share my birthday- George Harrison. Happy Birthday George and thank you for the music!

    This is for the times when you are just arrested by someone’s presence in your life. And then maybe you just hope for them to stay. The guitar solo is the tune of a pinning heart that has taken its chances.

  7. Chet Baker (Let’s get lost) 1950’s 

    I didn’t grow up listening to jazz music, so it is rather strange that my introduction to jazz was through Chet Baker in a nondescript college in Trivandrum. There is something so sexy in the naivety of stumbling upon someone and the myriad possibilities that it opens the heart to. I wish everyone gets a date like this.

Tune in to the playlist of all of Vishishta Sam's Sexy Saturday Songs here.

I remember reading somewhere that we are inveterate artists of our own imagination, that pretty much sums up who I am- a dreamer and my name is Vishishta. My bio blurb would probably sound like a few lines from Chapter 7 of the Bell Jar by Slyvia Plath. But no ‘playing under a table (errr tree) dreaming take these chances’ for me. I always take mine.



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