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Romance is Real, and Here’s How We Know

What counts as a romantic gesture – an expensive gift, a public proposal before a large audience, or maybe a horse-and-carriage ride? Or running after a moving train, like Simran from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, to be with the man you love? (In perhaps the biggest romantic gesture of all, IIT Kanpur and the Indian Railways named their short-lived system to view the status of Indian trains ‘Simran’!)


But can small things be romantic too? Flowers, sweets, a warm hug, or maybe simply spending time with someone when they need your company the most?  Could romance be things that never figure in movies and V-day specials? Matlab in romance, is one person’s beer, be another person’s champagne?

There was only one way to find out the inside info on the world or real romance. We asked you, Agents, to tell us about the nicest ishq moves you’d received.

From getting cuddles during a bad case of period cramps to having someone fly halfway around the world to spend time, here’s a lovely crowdsourced list of romantic gestures that we just can’t resist:


Find the storified link of the responses here:




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