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Things Changing In My Body & I As We Grow Older

Illustrated by Debasmita Das

Things Changing In My Body and I As We Grow Older!

Besides being a main character in menstruation, the hormone Estrogen is a side character in many other processes of the body. Presenting the many plot twists a drop in estrogen level creates! And the many ways our body, heart and mind transform (for the worse, for the better, for the sexier) as we grow older. Here’s some of the many ways my body and I are changing with age –

  • Greyer hair, cheaper to colour it blue, yay!
  • Can’t work till 4 am anymore. But has greater intellectual stamina, and more ambitious ideas.
  • Menopause caused by
    Going off estrogen if you take hormone replacement therapy
    – When ovaries stop producing estrogen
  • When Estrogen goes down, Serotonin goes down. Sadness, Anxiety and Irritability increase. Can set off a depressive episode.
  • Estrogen is going down and so is Collagen. More wrinkles, and a more ‘Fuck You’ sense of style!
  • Gives better advice from experience
  • Still loves to kiss
  • Estrogen is going down. The Hypothalamus aka the body’s thermostat is more sensitive. Hence the Hot Flashes!
  • Heart is at risk of clots and heart attacks especially if you;
    – Had early menopause
    Got ovaries removed
    Take hormone therapy
  • Aerolas may grow small, but nipples still love to be aroused
  • More resilient to heartbreak
  • Estrogen is going down and so is Collagen. Boobs are sagging down, comfort in body is perking up!
  • Has different struggles with beauty norms and personal sense of attractiveness
  • Has googled breast and testicular cancer self exams
  • Vaginal walls are drier & thinner. Needs more lube + foreplay and knows how to ask for it. Clitoris is A-ok!
  • Performing my gender can get harder or easier with age. Especially if trans.
  • Finally found a gynaec I am okay with (and found many other kind of doctors too)
  • Rolls eyes while paying increasingly expensive medical insurance
  • Exercises to reduce pain, not just prevent it
  • When Estrogen goes down, so does vaginal protection. More susceptible to UTI’s than ever. And yeast infections too.
  • I know what makes me attractive to others
  • Strong orgasms both coz I’m more confident about what I like in sex and masturbation, and the kegels
  • When Estrogen goes down, Bone Density goes down. Hence a higher risk of Osteoporosis.
  • Takes more vitamins, herbs, minerals (in my drink)
  • When Estrogen goes down, blood flow to pelvic muscles goes down too. Leads to weaker pelvic muscles. Pees often. Pees a little while laughing. Started doing Kegel exercises to help with incontinence



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