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(English) They Get an Angina When They See a Vagina

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By Charmy Jayashree Harikrishnan

A poem responding to some social media chhee-chhee and tut-tut on a young woman’s Facebook post about masturbation.


The men on my timeline

And some women too

Writing on Facebook since two thousand one nine

The gents who believe they are intelligent —

Artists, writers and filmmakers, they vent —

Oh what’s that post on female masturbation?

Doesn’t she know we are a swacch nation?

Their knickers in a knot

Their blood turning to a clot

They cry, “Chee chee

How dare you show us a vee vee

Write like us, silly girl, big meaningful sentences

On politics, economics and superior dog ticks”

They get an angina

When they see a vagina

Get that finger off the clit,

They rage, it is not art or lit

Their tongues belong to T-Rex

They don’t talk about sex

My Facebook is a nation

That needs sex education



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