Such love-stuff coming your way this month



It’s February.

We know you know and you know we know you know it’s the month of love according to some folks.

To be honest, it’s always the month of love at Agents of Ishq. But then, we also like a good party. So, if everyone’s talking about love we are going to bring some food for thought to the party too!

What is love? Who knows? It seems to be so many things to so many people. One thing we’ve understood from listening to their stories about love-shove dating-vating relationships vaghera is – It’s Complicated (even if it is often glorious!)

So that’s our theme in February. A bouquet of pieces about love beyond the obvious, the heart and the arrow, the rose and the thorn, the embrace without conventional coupledom from people, younger, older, in-betweener.

We’ll kick off tomorrow with the lipsmacking Lost and Found Poems of A Girl Who Liked Sex by Nisha Susan, illustrated by the delightful and droll Ramya Kannabiran Tella. Here is a sneak peak.

3 PoemLater we will have Unfuckable Me: Or You’re Not Like Other Girls by Grunthus Grumpus a piece which cuts through all false consolations and platitudes about dating with to ask – how do you find some way to fall in love just as you are?

Sripriya Ravi Kumar will talk about the Gustakh Dil which will fall in love again and again even when you are committed to someone else and how she handled that.

Pat whose essay In A Gay Bar You Can See Forever you all loved so much will return too with an twinkling piece about falling in love with straight men as a gay guy.

Also back in full and fabulous form, will be our favourite translator of Old Tamil Poetry – Chenthil Nathan, whose post on The Highs and Lows of Dating in the Tamil Sangam Poetry we all gobbled up – with a poem about “women who mistake moonlight for their garment lost in coital passion!” You know you want to read this, no?

Two of the most romantic podcasts on Love Sex Aur India: The AOI Podcasts are now translated into English and we’ll be launching their videos! So if you felt deprived because you didn’t follow Hindi – this is coming soon!

There will be memes and drawings,  and all kinds of lovers’ secrets and experiences you’ll want to share.

We won’t say don’t go anywhere folks because we believe you should love everyone. But come back again and again in February because we have so many kisses and cuddles and pieces of ishq for you!



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