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Belly Laughter

By Reshma Pritam

Even the Buddha gets to laugh and have a belly
But where is my Goddess,
Who sits with her belly spread over the expanse of her thighs?
Since you’re not going to give her to us, we will just have to look into mirrors and worship ourselves, laughing all the while
We will discard our bras, step out of our panties
So these tremendous bodies may reach out to the earth
The weight of our breasts will not be carried by cloth anymore
The sweat collecting beneath the folds of our flesh, will anoint
Our expansive waists
Our bellies reassured by the graze of our nipples
Will fold over but we will not hold our breath
Or hide
The lush forested mounds of Venus
As we exhale freely

We will hide nothing
This is who we are
The laughing Goddesses with bellies full of love and laughter

Photograph by Leonard Nimoy/courtesy of R Michelson Galleries

Reshma Pritam Singh creates images for herself, in a bid to understand things better and pursue beauty.  She also makes films for Mogstar Media, a boutique production facility which she co-founded.

Feature image from the work of artist Ada Breedveld



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